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Lots and lots of empty room around here lately. Sorry, I've been busy. *shrugs*

Not to worry, I'm back to blow your minds with great stuff. I've got a shit-ton of features and articles queued up and ready to post. Each day up until the new year, I'll be posting numerous back-logged articles to get us up to speed.

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artist spotlight: scott dunbar's one man band

Scott Dunbar is not you're average musician. While most cats are clamoring for studio time, Scott would rather sit at the park and kick his suitcase.

Writing, singing and playing. That's what he believes musicians should be concerned with. Not finding the perfect pitch, recording the best take, or organizing your upcoming show schedule. Just focus on your craft.

As a dude that's moderately creative, I can appreciate that approach. Hit the jump for a few of my favorite tracks, some dope live performances and some exclusive MP3s.

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I saw a few videos of this cat a few months back. It was nothing too crazy, or overly impressive. Looking to keep pace with the ever-moving internets, I simply disregarded Mr. Dunbar as nothing more than a random street performer. Shame on me.

Now... my hetero love affair with all things MJ has never been a secret. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Dunbar doing an impromptu rendition of "Billie Jean" on the streets of Montreal.

Below you will find his most recent performances, which also happen to be my favorite. As always, captured by the all-mighty Flip Cam.

Pretty awesome, right? I believe the emotion and energy behind a performance often tells the true character of an artist. This dude unquestionably puts everything he has into these ballads. You have to love that.

After some detective work, I was able to cook up an exclusive brew of audio. Below you'll find some audio dope that you won't find anywhere else.

live street performances:

Scott Dunbar - Tin Foil Hat (Live)
Scott Dunbar - Wood Wheel (Live Cover)
Scott Dunbar - Billie Jean (Live Cover)

early recordings:

Scott Dunbar - Tin Foil Hat
Scott Dunbar - Dance Like a Devil
Scott Dunbar - Rocking Chair

He may not be the next big thing, but homie has talent. Be sure to hit him up on myspace (whatever that is), and leave a kind word.


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sneak peek: air griffey max 1 orion blue

The Air Griffey Max was the first of many iconic signature joints to be worn by The Kid. They are also my favorites.

As expected, the original Freshwater and Volt colorways flew off the shelves in 2009. After a few disappointing releases, the latest retro+ might put the Griff's back in the "must have" column.

Hit the jump for some detail shots.

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A lot of times updated versions of classics aren't well received. In regards to the Air Max Griffey, this was no different. With the instant success of the OG colorways, Nike tried to quickly capitalize with a few half-assed colorways.

The public responded by not buying them.

It looks like the Swoosh is trying to get back on our good sides, because the latest joints are pretty ill.

Peep a few shots of the Cool Grey/Orion Blue retro+, slated to drop sometime in Spring 2010. Pics courtesy of

These are dope. I passed on previous releases, but these might be necessary. I'm a sucker for Cool Grey.

Release Date: TBD
Retail Price: $140

Purchase now via Kinstor's Auctions.


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sneak peek: air jordan xi space jam v2

Back up in this bitch with the resurrection.

Before the Breds, there were the Columbias. Before the Columbias, there were the Concords. But before hypebeasts were around to attach a lame moniker to every model, there were only the Space Jams.

With the upcoming re-release, I thought it was only fair to give these joints the spotlight they deserve. Hit the jump for a bit of history and some exclusive detail shots of the kicks and ill packaging.

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I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say the Air Jordan XI is one of the flyest sneakers of all time. I tend to kick it old school with shell toes and Jordan III's, but I can't deny the dopeness of the XI.

Back when folks just called them "the patent leathers", the AJXI were considered the most futuristic sneakers to ever grace the shelves. I remember being in 5th grade and seeing the White/Carolina joints at Foot Locker for the first time. I was blown away.

This was way back when I lived in San Angelo, Texas and every high-end sneaker was gang-related. Hell, I was lucky to scoop a pair of Reeboks without getting jumped.

But I'll be damned if that trip to the mall didn't change me for life. Thus began my fascination with the sneaker culture. Though my interest in sneakers has waned over the years, my love and appreciation for the Air Jordan XI will never subside.

Michael Jordan wears AJ XI Space Jam Versus Orlando

The original hype surrounding the Space Jams was due solely to exclusivity. Though the sneakers were never released, they did see the court in the 1995-1996 playoffs when Michael Jordan decided to break out a prototype pair against the Orlando Magic. (pictured above)

While some sneaker connoisseurs were able to procure their pairs directly from the Nike compound, the masses were left in the dust. Soon the hype died down.

That is, until the movie Space Jam hit theaters and MJ was again caught sporting the exclusive pair.

Naturally, this caused a stir in the sneaker head community. Enough so that when the AJXI was rereleased in 2001, Nike did sneaker heads a solid by re-releasing the Space Jams in retro+ form.

Though the sneakers weren't identical to the pairs rocked by MJ, they were damn close. The shoes dropped and the townspeople rejoiced. Eight years later, the swoosh hopes to enjoy that same success by re-releasing the retro+.

Though some collectors are fuming because their stockpile from 2001 just took a hit, the upcoming release features a few new wrinkles to differentiate the 2001 version. Namely, the tongue accent of JUMPMAN JAM has been replaced with the original JUMPMAN JORDAN logotype.

While this is awesome, it also makes me question the packaging. As you can see from the packaging photos, the box clearly says "JORDAN JUMPMAN". No bueno, no bueno indeed. But I digress, what do you expect from the swoosh?

Enjoy the photos below, courtesy of and

Be sure to click the photos for an enlarged version.

Dope, right? I might just have to break out my 2001 pair to celebrate the release.

Not only will you have to get your mind right and call in favors, but you'll have to get your pockets right... as these hit the counter at a whopping $175. Looking fly ain't always cheap and word is, these will be more limited than the original release in 2001.

I'm not tripping. There are certain kicks I have to get. These happen to be one of those pairs.

Release Date: 11.27.2009
Retail Price: $175


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artist spotlight: without you baby, there aint no us

Meet Comenius Roethlisberger and Admir Jahic.

They are two of the many talented cats from The Invisible Heroes. These gents have extensive portfolios featuring more traditional works, but they decided to team up and do something a little different.

That something is a project called, "Without You Baby, There Ain't No Us."

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I'm a hater. A lot of times I get insulted by "artists" and there seemingly never-ending web of bull shit. You shouldn't have to explain art. An artist should never haver to sell themselves or their works to the masses. You develop a piece and let your audience form their own opinion about it. That's how it should work.

That's why I like exhibitions like the ones Comenius and Admir have put together. There's no bull shit here. Just good natured pieces, that most people can make a personal connection with.

I won't say that any of these pieces are life changing. But they are a breathe of fresh air, in what is becoming a growingly predictable class of young artists.

Taking elements of pop-culture and putting your own personal spin on it is always a good look. These dudes have taken that methodology to the next level with their latest collections of YouTube drawings.

What sets these cats apart from the masses, is how they are able to switch up their exhibitions and keep them unique. The way an artist presents their pieces gives them the rare ability to completely control how viewers experience their work. These dudes get that.

Take these photos of their Paris Exhibition for example. For this show, the gents decided to feature the Infamous Star Wars YouTube video.

Each frame of the video has been framed and mounted throughout the studio. Those that could not fit on the walls, were stacked of various heights across the floor. While the actual drawings might not be that impressive, the sheer amount of work necessary to complete this project cannot go unappreciated.

Check out this stop motion film, pieced together from the individually drawn frames. I don't have the time or patience. Good for them.

At their Kuwait Exhibition, the fellas decided to expand and feature numerous pieces. The size and arrangement of the works added some intrigue to the collection, while the pieces mounted on the wall gave viewers a better look at the details.

Same series of works, but a totally different viewing experience. I can definitely dig it.

Check out some of my favorite pieces below. Most have already been sold, but check out Without You Baby for print availability. (note: site is currently down for maintenance)

So there you have it. A couple of dudes decided to do something different and ended up providing a lot of smiles and chuckles to the masses. Can't be mad at that. Not at all.

All you young "artists" take notes. Art doesn't always have to be something so complicated and deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think a framed Mosh Girl would look pretty sexy on my wall.

People buy artwork that they have a personal connection with. The red stickers that follow these dudes around tends to support that theory.

Be sure to check out all the homies over at The Invisible Heroes. The collection of talent in their crew is pretty retarded. Rain Man retarded, not Corky retarded.

For more photos and complete project details, hit up Without You Baby. (note: site is currently down for maintenance)


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michael jackson: the life of a king

This entry needs no lead-in. We've lost an icon. We all cope with loss differently... this entry is my therapy.

In addition to some of my favorite rare tracks, I want to offer you all a photographic look back at the life of a King. From his first Motown photo shoot to his last press conference. Let us celebrate the life of Michael Jackson.

click to read full entry

I won't front, MJ's passing has taken a toll on me. Over the past week I have found myself getting pretty emotional while editing these photos and listening to his music. For whatever reason... call me a simp, I don't give a shit.

Maybe it's because of the affect Michael obviously had on all of us. I'm no different than every other 80's baby. Everyone has their own memories, but I feel his music has a personal resonance with me due to my father.

While divorce is (unfortunately) commonplace in today's world, the effect on youth is still intense and unique to the individual. In my case it helped me to forget the bad and focus on the good.

Being 6 at the time, most of my memories with the fam involve birthdays and Saturday morning cartoons. All except one. To this day, I always look back to when my sister and I used to dance around the house while my dad played the "Thriller" and "Bad" vinyl.

Mesh shirts and shutter shades... we went in. Hipsters before the hipsters.

I thank MJ for all he's done for us. Outside of his music, I'd like to think he was a good man who loved his family and worked tirelessly for the betterment of others. Anything outside of that is just here-say in my book.

I've been collecting images of MJ for years now and felt there was no better time than now to share them with the world. Let's all take a look back and celebrate the life of one of the greats.

Be sure to click the images to view the enlarged version.

The King. May he rest in peace.

I originally wasn't going to include music in this post, but I felt compelled to when I stumbled upon gem after gem.

This is by no means his entire catalog. Simply a collection of my favorite tracks in high quality. I've been accruing MJ tracks for damn near a decade and it shows.

Whether it be an unreleased remix or an ill live performance, every single one of these joints is ill.

Download these tracks, enjoy them. Celebrate the music and the life of a great.

Click here to download all tracks at once. Or click the song title to download the individual tracks.

early years:

Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine (Cover)
Michael Jackson - Ben
Michael Jackson - Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are
Michael Jackson - Maria

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Original)
Connie Talbot - Ben (Cover)
Michael Jackson - Ben (Live)
The Roots and Erykah Badu - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Cover)

the jackson 5:

Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
Jackson 5 - Ready or Not
Jackson 5 - Who's Lovin You

Fugees - Ready or Not
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There (Acapella)
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There (Live)
Jackson 5 - Killing Me Softly and Danny Boy Medley (Live)

80's michael:

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Michael Jackson - Human Nature
Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone
Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

Chris Cornell - Billie Jean (cover)
Michael Jackson - Beat It (Live with Slash)
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Live with Slash)
Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (Live at the Grammy's)

90's michael:

Michael Jackson - Give In To Me
Michael Jackson - Keep the Faith
Michael Jackson - This Time Around ft Notorious BIG
Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me
Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

Michael Jackson - Come Together (Extended Beatles Cover)
Michael Jackson - Give In To Me featuring YoungBloodz (Unreleased Remix)
Michael Jackson - Scream Louder featuring Janet Jackson (Flyte Tyme Remix)
SWV - Right Here featuring Michael Jackson (Human Nature Remix)

the final years:

Michael Jackson - Butterflies
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
Michael Jackson - Unbreakable featuring Notorious BIG
Michael Jackson - Who Is It
Michael Jackson - You Rock My World

Michael Jackson and Glenn Lewis - Fall Again (Unreleased)
Michael Jackson - For All Time (Unreleased)
Michael Jackson - Who Is It (Live Acapella/Beatbox)
Michael Jackson - You Rock My World Remix featuring Jay-Z


Michael Jackson and Friends - We Are the World (USA for Africa Tribute)
Michael Jackson and Friends - What More Can I Give (9/11 Tribute)
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney - Say, Say, Say
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney - The Girl is Mine
Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder - Just Good Friends

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson - Eaten Alive
Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson - State of Shock (Unreleased)
Michael Jackson and Kanye West - Billie Jean 2008
Michael Jackson - We Are the World (Solo Version)

I hope you guys enjoy this post. It took some time to put together, but it helped me remember some of the reasons I love music.

Rest in peace MJ, you will be missed.


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put you on game: the kickdrums

Matt Penttila and Alex Fitts have been doing this music thing for a while.

While America's youth is out buying skinny jeans and sending tweets, these dudes have been on their grizzly producing tracks for hip-hop's elite and composing joints for their own indie project.

Unfortunately most folks have never even heard of them. Let me take this opportunity to formally introduce you all. Meet The Kickdrums.

click to read the full entry

Not hating, but I've never considered Cleveland to have much of a hip-hop scene. When someone mentions Cleveland I think of Major League II and Drew Carrey. Not 808s and MCs.

Outside of Bone Thugs, Ohio has never really offered much to the hip-hop community. Gauging the recent success of their collabs with fellow locals like Ray Cash, Kid Cudi and Chip tha Ripper... I think these boys from the midwest might be well on their way to changing that.

I won't do much to sell you on these cats, I'll let the product speak for itself. But you'll be hard-pressed to find another duo that can match the versatility of these cats. Their live instruments give the beats some knock and some soul, while their knack for song writing draws you in and gets you singing along.

I'm not gonna front, you can catch me on 121 getting my Tony Bennett on while "Things Work Out" plays. Hell, I might just swag surf.

As I stated above, what I appreciate most about The Kickdrums is their versatility. I've taken the liberty to upload an assortment of tracks that I feel deserve a listen from everyone.

Give these tracks a spin, you won't be disappointed. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Shout to Matt and Alex for lacing me with the (exclusive) acoustic version of "Things Work Out" .. joint is nice.

for the club:

The Kickdrums - Love is a Drug (Left/Right Remix)
Bone - Thuggish Ruggish Drums (Kickdrums Remix)
Kanye West vs MGMT vs Justice (Kickdrums Mashup)

The Kickdrums - Fading in and Out ft Kid Cudi (DJ Class Refix)

for the crib:

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out
The Kickdrums - Fading in and Out
The Kickdrums - Just a Game

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out (Live Acoustic)

for the whip:

Chamillionaire - Pop the Trunk ft Yung Joc (produced by The Kickdrums)
Kid Cudi - TGIF ft Chip tha Ripper (produced by The Kickdrums)
Kanye West - Good Morning ft Big Sean (Kickdrums Remix)

Slaughterhouse - Move On


The Kickdrums - Smash the System
The Kickdrums & The League - Things Don't Change

As you can see, their work spans genres in a way that you don't see often enough nowadays. Good music deserves recognition and The Kickdrums have been blessing us with some great material.

Peep the video for "When I Come Down" below.

In addition to their mixtape projects, The Kickdrums have recently released their "Just a Game EP" available now via onSmash or iTunes.

Peep the trailer for the "Just a Game EP" below.

Not much else for me to say. I'm a fan.

You might not like 100% of their catalog... but I guarantee this post has something for you. Spend some time with The Kickdrums and let me know what you think in the comments.


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for the lulz: slaughterhouse rules and deleted scenes

My dudes Eric and Jeff Rosenthal bring the funny. In today's world where everyone has a damn flip cam and a video blog, the gents at ItsTheReal are clearly a cut above the rest.

In what I consider their best work to date, the homies teamed up with rap supergroup, Slaughterhouse.

While the video has been getting lots of love the past few weeks, I recently stumbled upon some outtakes and bloopers that I think deserve a look. Hit the jump for the videos.

click to read full entry

For the record, anything Slaughterhouse related gets an instant pass from me. I've been riding with Crooked-I and Nickle 9 for years and its nice to finally see these dudes get the national recognition they deserve.

Add Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz to the mix and it's officially a wrap.

When I heard that was shooting a new video that featured the fearsome foursome, I was instantly intrigued. The hilarity that followed was not expected, but much appreciated.

Peep "The Slaughterhoouse Rules" below. (via: it's the real)

If that didn't offer enough lulz, peep the "making of" and "outtakes" below. These dudes are comedy. (via: jesse maguire)

Be on the look out for Slaughterhouse's album, dropping August 11th.


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artist spotlight: peter beste

In regards to photographers, the homie Peter Beste is somewhat of a strange fig when you get right down to it.

Most cats tend to focus on subjects that are perceived to be glamorous or beautiful, while Mr. Beste focuses his attention on subjects that are sometimes misrepresented and misunderstood.

While his body of work can take you across the world, I'd like to give you a brief tour of Houston, Texas.

click to read full entry

Whether it be a strip club in H-Town or a mosh pit at a black metal show, Beste's work revolves more around the subculture than the actual subject of the photo. In my opinion, this approach gives the viewers a deeper look inside the subject and tells more of a story.

They say "pictures are worth a thousand words", so I'll shut up and let them do their thing.

Below you will find a brief sampling of my favorite photos. Be sure to click the image view an enlarged version.

Understand that this is just a brief sampling of the homie's work. His documentation of the Norwegian black metal scene and Houston strip clubs are definitely a must see.

Be sure to check out his complete portfolio online at


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get fresh: i wear my sunglasses at night

Summa, summa.. summer time.

Time to chill at the pool, barbecue and (if you're from Texas) suffer from mild heat exhaustion. But regardless of where you rest your head, it remains imperative that you are fly in any weather.

While everyone is out copping jumbo-sized Dior stunna shades, I'm here to show you how to get fresh with some OG Bobby Johnson type steez.

click to read full entry

Now, Oakley Frogskins have been around since I was in preschool. So technically speaking, they've been fly for almost as long as me.

Over time the Frogskins have evolved from the preferred shades of beach bums to become a staple in every fashionistas' eyewear collection.

For an in-depth look at the evolution of the Frogskins, head over to 4snowboarding and peep "The History of Oakley Frogskins" feature.

It's really a great read. Peep the excerpt below.

Originally retailing for $40 USD and released in over 50 color-ways since their inception, Oakley Frogskins were the classic sunglasses that helped put the brand on the map and have solidified themselves as a true piece of 80’s pop culture. Now over 20 years later, the Oakley Frogskins have been re-issued for a new generation to embrace.

While there are dozens of different models available to the public, I've taken the liberty to highlight some of the illest limited edition joints to drop this summer.

In addition to the original colorways, Oakley has teamed with different artists and athletes to conjure up some fresh new color combinations.

Among my favorites are the Greg Lutzka collabo and the 4-legged collectors' editions. Both featuring the extra-player Violet Iridium lens.

Not to be outdone, the homie Shaun White got into the mix with his own signature joints. Below you'll find the 1st and 2nd editions designed by the ginger X Games beast.

The 1st feature blue chrome frames with Sapphire Iridium lenses, while the 2nd feature the infamous Positive Red Iridium lenses. Pre-order the 2nd edition here.

If you haven't realized it by now, I'm a fan of purple. So when I saw the latest collab with Primitive, I damn near wet myself. For those unaware, Primitive Shoes is the one-stop streetwear and skate shop co-owned by the greatness that is P-Rod.

Whether it be his signature line of Nike SB's or a New Era collab, P-Rod never disappoints. These Frogskins are no different.

The translucent purple housing coupled with the Violet Iridium lenses make these a must have for all you playas and pimps out there. These joints are certifiably fuego.

Hit the Primitive Blog for info on how and where to cop.

There you have it. An entry level class in Flight School. Take what you've learned here and apply it to your everyday life. If I see you poolside with some space goggles on, there's going to be problems.

Get your mind right and be sure to keep your eyes locked on Oakley's online shop, where most of the collectors' editions can be found.


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